"Michael Daunt is the most annoying, most foul-mouthed man I have ever met. He is also the most sweetly descriptive, articulate and intelligent man on earth."- Chris Tarrant
6lb Coho salmon, British Columbia, Nass River, 2010
Mike Daunt, Stockbridge 2014


This merry memoir tells how the author has lurched through a life full of friendship, laughter and bad behaviour. He has bonded with some of the most famous names in show business; drinking with Lee Marvin, lunching with Richard Burton (and a couple of ferrets), fishing with Chris Tarrant and Eric Clapton, and laughing with Ronnie Corbett.

Here, too, is the story of his great love for a famous actress and the joy and pleasure they had together, as well as the sadness of their eventual parting. Somehow the author also ran a highly successful fish and game business in London, employing a team of handsome public-school boys to deliver the goods to the dining rooms. Unsurprisingly, the core of the enterprise was entirely based on well-bred bonking. Here the reader will also learn why a live Smithfield prize bull arrived in the kitchens of a famous advertising agency.

In the course of his extraordinary life the author has slept in the longhouses of Borneo with head hunters and guarded Hitler’s deputy, Rudolph Hess, in Berlin’s Spandau Prison. He has caught salmon in Russia’s bleak Kola Peninsula, marlin off the coast of Kenya, bone fish in the Bahamas, clap in Malaya, crabs in London – and hunted rats with as amusing and bibulous a cast of reprobates as one could meet.

By turns funny, outrageous, and poignant, the book is a salute to the independent life well lived, and a celebration of a certain type of character who is nowadays all too rare.

THE BOUNDER by Mike Daunt is published by John Blake Publishing (RRP £7.99). Available from April 7th 2016.

Domestic flight aircraft, British Columbia 2010
1st bass on a fly 2lbs near Chichester September 2010
"I fished with Mike on the Spey in Scotland and it was the most tremendous fun."
- Ronnie Corbett
"This is the story of a man who has made a point of living well through every decade of what Nanny would describe as a mis-spent life. He has known almost everyone, done almost everything during a time, the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s, when taking part in all the delights that were available was quite a feat. Read this book if you want to understand how we thought then and what we wanted. In truth, I have come to the conclusion that making every day a treat and an adventure is probably the greatest achievement any man can claim."- Julian Fellowes
British Columbia, Nass River, 2010
British Columbia 2010
6lb Sea trout River Fowey, Cornwall May 2012


The only people who briefly, and very foolishly, employed Mike Daunt were the British Army. He served as an officer in the Royal Green Jackets for seven years before feeling that it was only kind to tender his resignation as several senior officers had had nervous breakdowns. As one general remarked: “I would not breed from this officer.”

He then started his own business in London supplying fish and game to in-house dining rooms in the City and the West End. He employed a team of good looking public schoolboys to drive his vans and thus the whole enterprise was entirely based on well-bred sex. He then sold it (the company not the sex. This he has always been happy to give away free to any woman so down on her luck as to want him.)

He then became a professional salmon fly fisherman to the stars teaching such people as Chris Tarrant, Fiona Armstrong, Eric Clapton, Guy Ritchie, Max Hastings, Jeremy Paxman and Ronnie Corbett. Each year he leads parties to Iceland and Ireland.

The Bounder is his first solo book. He co-wrote Endangered Species, a book about country people, with his cousin Sir Richard Heygate. He lives near Hungerford and has three very loved sons and an adored daughter.

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Fishing for salmon with Ronnie Corbett, River Spey, Craigellachie, 2006
Iceland, 2013

Published by John Blake (Publishing) Ltd
Available to order from Amazon £7.99.

Published by John Murray (publisher)
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